Different Sides of Our Industry

_D3S1202 _D3S1208 _D3S1215 _D809014 _D3S1346 _D3S1309 _D3S1253 _D3S1225Last year MTAG Switzerland’s official photographers went in Myanmar – no brief from our company pure random documentary chance. In their visit to a village near the Mandalay capital, they captured these impressive photos of an improvised  melt shop / foundry. We are inviting you to take a moment, reflect on how far we have evolved with technology, automation, robots, safety & simultaneously, in a different corner of the world, how hard and incipient are the working conditions for some. We believe it is important not to forget our industry history, we believe that each step we take forward is an evolution from past to future and these stunning photos are here as a reminder for us all.

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