Measuring & Sampling Lance Manipulators

Measuring & Sampling Lance Manipulators (MLM)

MTAG Switzerland’s measuring and sampling lance manipulators are normally designed to be equipped with a double lance operation arrangement for temperature and probe taking. The system allows for the measuring of hydrogen and/or oxygen content. Designed to ensure trouble free operations in what can be a hazardous environment.
Our Measuring and Sample Lance Manipulators can facilitate the measuring process at the following areas:

1. Converter
2. Electric Arc Furnace
3. Ladle Furnace
4. Ladle Treatment Stations
5. VD

Advantages of MLM

1. Variable stroke of 1.5m to 10m
2. Adjustable stroke range (15, 30 or 45 m/min)
3. Various operating positions (vertical, inclined, with pantograph, with swiveling arm)
4. Simple operation and maintenance access

MTAG Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow.

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