Monitoring of the electric arc furnace (EAF) melting and refining process is an important task in the EAF operations. For safety reasons, manual temperature measurements and samplings are only possible when the power supply has been switched off. By using MTAG Switzerland’s 4-axis measuring and sampling robot, Robotemp, the duration of breaks without power supply can be reduced, consequently improving the energy balance and productivity.
With the use of the 4-axis manipulator Robotemp customers gain:

• No Safety Issues regarding operators in front of the EAF slag door. The change of cartridges can be easily done in the safe parking position.
• Reduced tap-to-tap time of 3–10% due to no interruptions of the EAF process caused by manually conducted measurements and taking samples by operators.
• Measurements and taking samples are possible during power on of the furnace and when injection lances are in place.
• Energy Saving and Higher Productivity possible due to reduced tap-to-tap time and reduced energy loss.
• Versatility: 4 axis allow measurements but also the circumvention of existing obstacles such as O2 lances, door burners, etc.
• Improved metallurgy and process reliability due to high repeatability and consistency of measurements and taking samples.
• Monitoring the process of measurement or taking sample by the operator from the pulpit.

MTAG’s Robotemp is mounted on the floor next to the EAF. The location of the Robotemp is chosen so that both can be handled easily:

1. The measurements and taking samples through the furnace door without changes to the EAF.
2. Cartridge can be exchanged in safe parking position.


• In combination with a deadman control, the Robotemp can be operated without additional protection fences.
• Measurement and sampling lance is equipped with a quick coupler for compressed air and wiring to front arm.
• Lance tube is easily replaceable from the front arm head.
• The Robotemp, by means of its freely programmable axes, is very easy to adjust and correct at any situation on site.
• For maintenance purposes the Robotemp has been designed to be easily removable or exchangeable within 5 min. (wedge bolt connection).

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